How to Manage Your Shipping Online: 5 Things to Do Before You Set Up Shipments

//How to Manage Your Shipping Online: 5 Things to Do Before You Set Up Shipments

How to Manage Your Shipping Online: 5 Things to Do Before You Set Up Shipments

You have already implemented a shipping software and now you are ready to manage your shipping online! Here are 5 things you need to do before you set up the shipments!


You started your online business and everything is going great. The products are successfully selling which mean that you need to take care of the shipping. You need to ask – how to get everything from point A to point B.

Shipping can get frustrating super fast, however, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The first think you need to do is implement a shipping software solution. If you have already implemented the system, now you are ready to manage your shipping online.

We have gathered the 5 things you need to pay attention to when you are getting started with shipping your items:

  1. Your physical shipping and storage space – You need to maximize the space. If you have popular or top-selling items, you need to keep them near the shipping station for an easy access. If these products are sell all the time, you need to find a way to pre-pack them. The next thing you need to do is label the storage area. You can ask an employee or a friend to locate a product and get it to the shipping station. If the process takes too long, you need to discover what can you do to improve it.
  2. The carriers – When it comes to who you choose for an actual shipping, there are a few options to keep in mind. Who you use usually depends on who you are shipping to and what services you are looking for. This requires an in-depth research so you can discover which carrier works best for you.
  3. How to calculate your shipping rates – The carrier websites will offer you delivery time and rate estimates, however, you should know that takes time and lot of information. This is just another situation where the ecommerce shipping software can come to the rescue.
  4. How to communicate with customers about shipments – You need to find the right way to community with your customers and potential buyers about your shipments. Every time a sale occurs, your probably get an email. You can also use email to inform your buyers that the shipment has been sent.
  5. What to include in your shipments – You can include a special discount or coupon, you can include a handwritten thank you note or you can suggest the buyer to follow you on social media.

There you go! These 5 things will prepare you to ship as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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